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Recreation Ground Project

This project is a direct result of the Neighbourhood Plan. It is now entering the final stages before it goes for the final submission to planning. The documents from the display on the 10 June are available here with another chance to see the display and ask questions on the 26 June. One final meeting will be held to report back to the village on the consultations at the beginning of July, with the final Council decisions being made then. Please take a few moments to read the Neighbourhood Plan’s Objectives and Vision for the future of Wing.

Traffic Consultation

As part of our own going work with the Neighbourhood Plan on the 8 October Wing PC held a Traffic Consultation. To find out more click here.

This project is currently on hold as of 2017. However, the Council are pursing some of the ideas from the consultation through the Wing & Great Brickhill Local Area Forum. Reports will be made to full Council when discussions have taken place.

Referendum Results:- 

760 votes cast. 718 Yes, 42 No. Wing Neighbourhood Plan has passed the Referendum! The team want to thank everyone for their support! This was a higher turn out than the last elections 4 years ago!! 

The Final documents can be viewed here, click here for the AVDC website. The next step is the Referendum on the 5th March 2015.

Wing NP Examiners Report 

In October 2011 Wing Parish Council commissioned a Neighbourhood Plan in line with the Localism Act 2011. A steering group was formed made up of Parish Councillors and local residents. Wing Neighbourhood Plan achieved Frontrunner status and received a grant of £20,000 for writing the plan.

Those attending the forums held around the village in July 2012 were asked to help develop our vision for the Plan and here it is!

Our Vision
Wing Parish will maintain its rural identity, whilst offering its residents suitable and affordable housing and encouraging businesses to thrive within its area. It will value it’s heritage and green environment. Parishioners of all ages will feel safe, be proud to live in Wing and will actively seek out and support local organisations and clubs.

Our Objectives
• To engage with parishioners of all ages to ensure the vision is shared with the whole community
• To ensure all future developments are in keeping with the vision
• To include all stakeholders in the procedure
• To have a comprehensive plan for increased residential development, industry and appropriate supporting infrastructure
• To improve the range of housing to address population changes
• To ensure that all development is aesthetically pleasing
• To improve links between all business users to create an integrated commercial identity
• To provide improved facilities for children and young people
• To protect and improve green spaces and leisure facilities for all ages
• To link all leisure provisions so they are complementary, well advertised and thrive
• To ensure suitable facilities are in place for sporting and leisure for all ages
• To develop Wing’s rich historical background
• To maintain and celebrate Wing’s extensive ecological environment
• To ensure there is a central point information point for local people
• To improve the quality and connectivity of the Rights of Way network



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